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There is no better boat than horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life - Varahamitra

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Why Use Astrosum?

Astro Financial Chart

Know your daily AFC and be a step ahead.

Astro Medical Chart

One stop solution for all your health related queries.

Year 360

Your monthly prediction guide for a better planned future.

Life 360

A guide on everything related to your life. Sureshot plan for a beautiful life.

Career & Profession

Know the right profession for you. Plan before you move.

Vivah Sutra

Marriage prediction by date of birth. We will help you pick a better partner.

Partnership Compatibility

Compatibility calculator by birthdate. See how your business partner will work.

Hourly Prediction

See the Do’s and Dont’s of each hour.

Past Life Prediction

Past life prediction by date of birth and time.

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Our Amazing Life Time Services

Astrosum is an astrological app that uses your Name, Date of Birth, Birth time and Place of Birth to provide you with the most accurate Vedic astrological prediction. Astrosum will prepare you psychologically for all the things that will be thrown at you in the future.

Amazing Core Features

Plan your future with Astrosum - A revolutionary platform by Gravity.

Astro Financial Chart

Astro Financial Chart predicts not only your yearly Financial status, but also your monthly and daily Financial status. This can help you identify the best days to try and crack a deal and the days to stay a little precautious before taking major steps.

Astro Medical Chart

Astro Medical Chart is your one stop destination to all you Health related queries. Astro Medical Chart will predict your health conditions for every month of the year. This will help you with when you need to be really careful and take precautions accordingly.

Life 360°

Life 360° is your lifetime guide to all the things related to Family, Property & Vehicle, Health, Finance & Profits, Married Life, Emotional Stability, Respect gains & Status etc.

Career & Profession

Career and Profession becomes your guide towards choosing a profession that will likely benefit you. This category tells you a percent value of your chances of success in a particular field.

Vivah Sutra

Looking to get married? Have a compatibility test in our Vivah Sutra and know of all the merits of getting married to your interest. Any problems to come will be forecasted so that you can prepare accordingly.

Partnership Compatibility

Looking for a long term business partnership or wanting to get into serious relationship? Have a compatibility test and prevent yourself from getting stuck with someone who doesn’t match your taste and habits.

Total Horoscope

Astrosum offers you a fascinating feature where you can check out what your zodiac signs has to say about you.


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